Bone Graft / Regeneration

Bone Grafts for Dental Implants

Have you been told you lack sufficient bone for dental implants?  

Patients may lack bone in the upper or lower jawbone due to a combination of factors: natural bone loss with ageing, periodontal disease, accident, or prolonged denture wear and missing teeth resulting in bone atrophy.  Bone grafting / regeneration is the process of building up existing bone to create a sufficient foundation for dental implant placement.  The bone added is synthetic powder or block form.

The ultimate success of a dental implant largely depends on the quality and quantity of bone in which it is placed.  Dental bone grafts can be placed prior to surgery to allow more time for healing or during the implant procedure.  Bone grafts will be covered by a membrane to allow for healing and additional bone growth.

By examining the CT scan, our team will provide an estimate on whether and how much additional bone may be required.  Our team may also recommend a bone graft during or shortly after an extraction in order to prevent further bone loss and prepare the site for a future implant.

Using modern bone grafting and bone regeneration techniques, the Smiles Peru dental team has successfully placed dental implants in many cases where the patient had been told an implant was not possible.  Some of these cases will be all on four, all on six, or all on eight cases in order to maximize the use of available bone.  If you have been told dental implants are not possible in your case, please contact us for a complimentary online consultation.

Bone graft (powder form) added for future dental implant placement

Bone graft (powder form) added for an immediate or future dental implant