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Smile Design Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great Smile?

Although the teeth have the greatest influence on the appearance of the smile, they are not the only factor that makes a beautiful smile. The shape and form of the lips, as well as healthy gums that do not show too much, all contribute to the smile that is perfect for you. Regardless whether you want a Hollywood smile or a more natural appearance, symmetry is essential for a beautiful smile.  Please see our case studies page for examples of our smile design work.

Smiles Peru Smile Design

Smiles Peru achieves a great smile by following the principles of smile design.

Which specific factors are considered in Smile Design?

At our Lima dental clinic we achieve a great smile by following the principles of smile design. The principles of smile design are divided into four parts:

Facial Aesthetics. Facial and muscular considerations vary from patient to patient and are studied through visual and photographic analysis. Facial aesthetics include how the lips frame your smile when you speak, smile or laugh.

Gingival (Gum) Aesthetics. The health and appearance of your gums are essential elements in smile design. Excessive gingival display, uneven gum contours, inflammation and exposed root surfaces are common gingival-based aesthetic problems which detract from your smile’s appeal.

Microesthetics. Teeth have subtle characteristics unique to each patient, such as the way his or her teeth reflect light and unique marks or colorations. The ideal restoration is one with qualities closely resembling those of the natural teeth.

Macroesthetics. The relationships and proportions between front teeth, surrounding tissue landmarks and facial characteristics are analyzed to ensure natural and attractive smile makeover treatment. Our Lima cosmetic dentist and dental laboratory technician combine their technical and artistic abilities to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance in which the shapes, sizes and arrangement of individual teeth blend with and complement the particular features of the patient.

Who is a candidate for Smile Design?

The patient must assess his or her own smile and decide what areas concern them. Ideally, the patient will come into the first consultation with a clear idea of what they wish to accomplish. We recommend the patient ask him or herself the following questions:

Am I embarrassed to smile?

Is this affecting my confidence?

What do I not like about my smile?

What would I like to change about my smile?

Smiles Peru helps patients to achieve the smile design results that will fit their personality and budget.

What is the procedure like?

At our Lima dental clinic, we want our patients to achieve the smile design results that will fit their personality and budget. During your initial consultation, our cosmetic dentists will discuss with the patient the different things he or she is unhappy about. We will discuss the different aspects of your personalized treatment, as well as the cost for those procedures.

Next, our cosmetic dentists take photos of your smile. Utilizing facial reconstruction software and templates, we will take the exact measurements of your teeth beforehand and compare these measurements with the ideal dimensions for the size and shape of your face and mouth. Using these ideal measurements, we will show the patient how his or her smile will look after treatment. When the patient is happy with the result given by the software, we can begin treatment.

How much does Smile Design cost?

Cost may vary greatly between individuals depending on the number of teeth needing treatment.  Please contact us for a free online consultation and estimate.


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