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Smiles Peru invites you to have an exclusive Cosmetic Dentistry or Dental Implant treatment at our Lima dental clinic. During our dental clinic’s 12 years of existence, our professionals at Smiles Peru have done a flawless job with our patients from around the world, always giving them more than they expect. Our core values of expertise, teamwork, responsibility, punctuality, dedication to service, and biosafety ensure that our work is performed in accord with the highest professionals standards. We leverage the best in international dental technology, including single-visit CAD/CAM digital restorations to provide the best possible patient experience.

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CEREC Digital Laboratory

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Reception and Waiting Area

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Dental Implant Surgery Center


Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Area


Orthodontics Treatment Area


Sterilization and Biosafety Center

Our partner, Mr. Kirby Warms, a US citizen living in our country and Smiles Peru’s business manager, is responsible for maintaining our contacts and relationships with patients from abroad. Mr. Warms is available to help our foreign patients from arrival to departure with travel plans and tours in Lima, while they attend dental appointments at our Miraflores dental clinic.

Our mission is to transform a normal smile into an extraordinary smile: beautiful, healthy, white, radiant, and most importantly, totally natural. Our commitment to the patient is to be at the forefront of advances in modern dentistry, and thereby provide the ultimate in worldwide dentistry techniques, materials, and equipment. Our greatest gratification is the total satisfaction of our patients, by providing aesthetic and reconstructive treatments that follow the highest standards of quality, durability and biosafety. Our vision is to continue to offer exclusive treatments in cosmetic dentistry and dental implant rehabilitation to our national and international patients, and for our Lima dental clinic to become another reason for people to visit Peru.

“First impressions matter, and as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. A great smile is perhaps the most important part of a first impression, as a warm and confident smile puts both you and the other person at ease. That moment may be the difference between a relationship being given a chance to grow or not. At Smiles Peru our mission is to transform our patients’ smiles, so that they may use the “power of a smile” to open doors for them throughout their lives.“

– Dr. Sylvia Pflucker