Teeth Cleaning


For teeth cleanings at our Miraflores, Lima dental clinic, Smiles Peru uses various different technologies and methods to ensure the most thorough cleaning possible including ultrasonic technology (Cavitron) for the removal of tartar, sodium bicarbonate for the removal of stains, and hand tools for tartar removal in more complex areas.  Your cleaning is completed with a fluoride application and polishing to obtain a brighter smile.

Regular cleanings are important for many reasons including:

– Prevention of gum disease.  Plaque build-up can result in periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss.

– Prevention of halitosis (bad breath).  Bad breath is often caused by bacteria buildup due to poor dental hygiene.

– Maintain overall health.  Studies have shown a link between gum disease and more serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

– Enjoy a brighter smile.  A teeth cleaning can help remove tooth stains and restore your the natural shine of your teeth and enamel.

Teeth cleanings at Smiles Peru are performed by dentists, not hygienists.  You will be very happy with the results!

For patients with more severe hygiene issues, a periodontal cleaning may be recommended in order to effectively treat the gums around the base of the teeth and prevent or slow tooth loss.  Periodontal cleaning is a deep teeth cleaning below the gum line to remove bacteria harming the gums and teeth roots.

Smiles Peru Teeth Cleaning Treatment Area