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Implant-supported Removable Denture

The treatment of edentulous patients has been one of the most difficult challenges for the oral rehabilitation specialist. Bone loss in these patients makes it difficult to adapt total prostheses. Complete (conventional) prostheses are considered acceptable when the patient has enough bone flange to retain them.  The chief benefit of non-implant retained dentures is their lower cost when compared to implant-retained prostheses such as the overdenture or hybrid prosthesis.

Dental prostheses are evaluated based on aesthetics, function, retention and stability. These last three are the main difficulties that a conventional prosthesis (not implant-retained) presents due to the lack of bone flange, mostly in the lower jaw. With the rise of dental implants, these difficulties were overcome by creating both an aesthetic and functional result.

Dental implants that are surgically placed in the bone act as anchors for the overlying denture. This provides support in chewing, speech and overall function. The more implants placed, the less the denture needs to rest on the soft tissues, and the more comfortable the patient. The more dental implants placed – 6 to 8 on the upper and 2-6 on the lower – the more likely the hybrid prosthesis can be screwed into place, rest minimally on soft tissues, be reliably stable in function, and provide soft tissue / facial support. Two dental implants can retain a denture; however, it will still sit on the gum tissue. Four dental implants allows the denture to sit above the gums, creating more comfort and stability while functioning.

Sobredentadura Ball-retained Dentures Smiles Peru

Removable Implant-supported Denture retained by ball attachments

What is an Implant-retained Removable Denture (or Prosthesis)?

An implant-supported removable denture is a dental prosthesis retained by two or more dental implants.  Whereas a hybrid prosthesis is screwed into placed and removable only by a dentist, the removable prosthesis uses ball attachments to allow the patient to remove the prosthesis.

What are the advantages of the Implant-supported Removable Denture compared to a conventional denture?

– Better retention

– Improved Stability for chewing

– Improved self-esteem

What are the advantages of the Implant-supported Removable Denture compared with a screw-retained hybrid prosthesis?

The two primary advantages are cost and ease of cleaning.  Compared to the hybrid prosthesis, the removable overdenture requires fewer implants, making surgical treatment less invasive and expensive. The removable denture is often used in cases where bone quality and quantity is diminished and does not allow a greater number of dental implants.  Cleaning the overdenture is easier because the patient can remove the prosthesis for cleaning.  

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