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Dental Crowns Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns (caps) are a type of dental restoration used to protect, restore, or enhance the appearance of your teeth. Unlike an inlay or onlay, crowns completely cover a tooth or dental implant providing strength and hardness. Crowns are useful for teeth with implants, posts, bolts, or root canals.

Teeth Crowns give certain damaged teeth a “new lease on life.”

What are the benefits of Dental Crowns?

Teeth Crowns give certain damaged teeth a “new lease on life”, i.e., in the past teeth that were severely degraded by cavities, fractures, or injury may have needed to be extracted, allowing a tooth to function normally again.

What is the procedure for Dental Crowns?

For this treatment, the tooth is carefully prepared: our Lima cosmetic dentist will take the color of each zone of your tooth as compared with adjacent teeth (as is done for porcelain veneers). Then a matching dental crown will be created at our laboratory, where a perfectly matched and measured crown is created using computerized digital technology. This treatment can be completed in as few as two appointments over two days.

What types of Dental Crowns do you offer?

CEREC Digital Restorations – Computerized 3D CAD/CAM crowns can be done in a single visit.

Metal-Free Porcelain Crowns – highly aesthetic restorations that blend in with your smile, preserving a natural look.

Zirconium Crowns – these highly aesthetic crowns are known for their durability and hardness, as well protection from cavity filtration.

Crowns can last indefinitely if properly cared for.

How long do Teeth Crowns last?

Crowns can last indefinitely if properly cared for. We use only the finest German porcelains and Zirconium, guaranteed to not change color over time.

What are the costs?

In comparison to a common alternative (extraction), crowns are a cost effective way to save a tooth and preserve your smile.


dental crowns smiles peru


dental crown smiles peru

The science of crowns and bridges has advanced to offer solutions that restore a full, attractive and natural smile. Our dental specialists work with the patient to determine best kind of crown for his or her individual case to maximize function and form. Contact us to inquire about dental crowns.

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