Dental Biosafety And Sterilization


Biosafety is a set of preventive measures designed to eliminate the risk of transmission of infectious diseases among patients and staff. Smiles Peru follows all international biosafety rules and protocols regarding specific procedures for disinfection, sterilization and packaging. We have a complete sterilization center with digital autoclave for proper sterilization of instruments and equipment. Furthermore, we use a Gnatus Biofree Ultrasonic dental instrument cleaner to thoroughly pre-sterilize instruments, preventing cross-contamination and improving the quality of instrument pre-sterilization. We perform chemical disinfection of instruments, dental equipment and clothing. We use barrier protection (gloves, masks, glasses) at all times. The health of our patients is of paramount importance to us at all times.  Each of our dental units uses only bottled water, which is the only water recommended for consumption in our country. Each member of our medical staff has an updated health cards, verifying their good health.

dental biosafety

Smiles Peru Sterilization and Biosafety Center