Why visit Lima and Miraflores?

Lima, Peru: a growing gastronomic hotspot

Lima, the capital city of Peru, is a modern city of 8 million inhabitants.  Lima is the largest city in Peru and is endowed with important hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and night spots.  Peru’s gastronomic scene has gained worldwide recognition over the past decade for its unique blend of flavors.

Lima offers visitors a great variety of typical dishes: exquisite stews with the best seasoning in the Americas that delight even the most demanding palates.  The world renowned Peruvian ceviche is a mainstay of the Peruvian diet.  To hydrate the refreshing chicha morada is recommended.  Also be sure to try our famous Pisco Sour. Don’t forget to try sweets and desserts such as the Mazamorra morada and the Arroz con Leche, Suspiro a la limeña, and picarones. Please see: for more information.

In Lima alone, one will find 9 of the best restaurants in South America, according to Restaurant magazine. Many of these restaurants are located within walking distance our dental clinic.

The famous Peruvian Ceviche

Cultural Attractions in Lima, Peru

Aside from the well-recognized gastronomic scene, Lima boastas unique cultural attractions such as the Caral and Pachacamac arqueological complexes and Lima’s historic City Center.

Caral is an archaeological complex belonging to the Caral culture, one of the oldest cultures in Peru.  Here are the remains of what was the Caral civilization.  It is located 182 km north of Lima.  Caral’s antiquity is around 5000 years and is considered the oldest known city in the Americas. It is made up of monumental buildings that had different ceremonial and administrative functions. Caral can be visited by day trip from Lima with any one of many established bus tour operators.

Pachacamac is located within Lima’s city limits, making the visit simple.  Pachacamac, like Caral, is a pre-Inca site constructed by the Moche and Huari civilizations.  Pachacamac has many pyramids and temples and boasts a fantastic musuem inaugurated in 2016.   A visit to Pachacamac can be combined with a visit to nearby paso horse shows for a complete day of immersion in Peruvian culture both old and (relatively) new.

Pachacamac Arqueological complex

Miraflores: Lima’s tourist center

Smiles Peru is located in the Miraflores district, Lima’s primary touristic district notable for its spectacular oceanfront cliffs, mild year round climate, lush parks and landscape, shops and art exhibitions, world class restaurants, and friendly biking and microtransport.

Our dental clinic is located in the heart of Miraflores, along one of its principal avenues, with walking access not only to the ocean but also the famous Inka Markets. Additionally, the Huaca Pucllana is a picturesque ancient ruin from dating from the year 500, and is located a mere 6 blocks from our clinic.  The site also boasts a museum and restaurant famous for its nighttime views of the site.

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The spectacular oceanside cliffs of Miraflores

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