The Importance of an Oral Surgery Center

What is an Oral Surgery Center?

Thinking about the comfort and well-being of patients, here at Smiles Peru dental clinic we have an oral surgery center equipped to perform dental surgeries, with an ergonomic chair design that allows for maximum patient comfort during the surgical intervention. An oral surgery center refers to a space that is intended to carry out a type of surgical intervention whose location must be isolated from the routine care spaces, which allows the cleaning, storage and sterilization system to be also independent from the other areas of the dental clinic.

Smiles Peru Oral Surgery Center

The Importance of a Oral Surgery Center

The benefits of having an oral surgery center are many, both for professionals who can carry out their work in a suitable environment equipped exclusively for this type of activity, as well as for patients who feel more comfortable and secure when surgical procedures are performed in a suitable surgical center, which will protect both staff and patients from cross-infection, since this environment is a completely aseptic area.

At Smiles Peru dental clinic we have equipment that allows us a dynamic, continuous and efficient workflow, generating a significant reduction in the duration of the surgery with excellent benefits for the patient. Currently implant surgery is performed with the use of techniques such as the “surgical guide” which is a surgical splint as a template that reproduces the position of the implant.  This allows minimally invasive surgery.  Another advantage is the precision of virtual planning that allows caring for important anatomical areas such as the inferior dental nerve or maxillary sinus, while also optimizing surgical time.

Which Surgeries are performed in an Oral Surgery Center?

When performing dental implant surgery, retained third molars, apicoectomy, maxillary sinus lift, bone grafts, or other treatments, it is important to have an adequate and equipped environment, and biosafety standards must be followed to facilitate the work. of our specialists and more importantly to protect the health and integrity of our patients.

The importance of an Oral Surgery Center

We also have monitors for viewing CT scans or patient x-rays of the patient, which are taken in our own Smiles Peru radiology center, so we ensure successful and multidisciplinary work. The sterilization area of ​​the Smiles Peru clinic is designed according to international biosafety rules that allow safe surgical interventions.

We have updated protocols to provide better service to our patients; we currently have PRF protocols (plasma rich in fibrin) since it has been shown that the healing of soft tissue and bone tissue improves with its use.  Infections can arise after dental surgeries because they were not performed in an adequate environment that meets all safety standards and equipped to perform these treatments, unlike those surgeries that are performed in oral surgery centers.

Smiles Peru Oral Surgery Center

For all these reasons, it is important that all dental surgeries are performed in a oral surgery center to ensure the well-being and comfort of the patients and specialized dental staff. We are aware that any surgical intervention can be a time of stress for the patient, which is why the commitment of all the specialist staff of Smiles Peru to provide the patient with all the attention, care and support they need during surgery and their recovery. 

September 30, 2022 Biosafety, Blog, Dental Implants
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