Smiles Peru COVID-19 Protocols

This is an informational video demonstrating some of the protocols Smiles Peru has implemented, following guidelines recommended by the WHO, ADA and CDC. Patient and practitioner safety is paramount.

Smiles Peru COVID-19 Protocols

In response to COVID-19, Smiles Peru has implemented biosafety protocols to preserve the health of both our patients and the clinical staff.

Disinfection zone

Before entering our facility, patients and staff should follow these steps:

  1.  Temperature measurement.
  2.  Disinfection with a low-concentration hypochlorite water solution in spray.
  3.  Clean your shoes on a mat soaked in sodium hypochlorite.
  4.  Wearing of protective equipment: disposable cap, shoe covers and disposable gowns. This measure will be implemented for both the patient and their companions.
  5.  Sign COVID – 19 informed consent.

Social distancing

The measures taken to take care of the health of our patients while they wait for consultation are the following:

  1.  All shared magazines and information brochures have been removed from the reception area.
  2.  Decals have been placed to indicate to the patient permitted places to sit to allow 2 meters space between each person.

Dental Care Guide During COVID-19

  1.  Permanent use of protective shield, mask and apron by clinical staff.
  2.  Disinfection on all surfaces in the treatment area after the care of each patient.
  3.  At the beginning of care, the patient should rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. Although this does not kill the virus 100%, it effectively neutralizes it.
  4.  Our clinic is cleaned and disinfected on a continuing basis.
  5.  The air purifying equipment is kept on 24 hours, which filters small particles with 99.9% effectiveness.
  6.  Proper hand washing tutorials have been implemented in the hand washing areas for both patients and practitioners.
  7.  The patient must attend their appointment with a single companion only.

At Smiles Peru we will always be committed to caring for your health and at the forefront of health and safety protocols.

October 27, 2020 Biosafety, Blog, Video
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