What is a Night Guard and do I need one?

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A guard or oclusal splint, night guard, interocclusal splint or orthopedic removable device, are a form of treatment for bruxism.  This intraoral device keeps the upper and lower arch separate helping the masticatory muscles relax.  The night guard is generally made of acrylic that fits to the teeth of either arch giveing an accurate contact with antagonist teeth. Rigid guards are made of transparent acrylic for use on the upper jaw.  Soft guards are of a flexible material that adjusts to the teeth. Soft guards are recommended for patients with severe bruxism.

What do Night Guards do?

  • Help dispel the forces produced during bruxism.
  • Change muscular closure putting the lower jaw in a proper position.
  • Decrease joint loading
  • Condyle reposition: the guards are made on centric relation, repositioning the condyles and decreasing muscle hyperactivity.
  • Vertical dimension increases – this be advantageous if the patient has a decreased vertical dimension.
Night Guard Smiles Peru Lima Dental Clinic

Smiles Peru Semi-rigid Night Guard

Night Guard for TMJ

Night Guards are also recommended as a therapeutic treatment plan for TMJ (Temporomandibular joint).  For this treatment different kinds of devices using different materials may be recommended. They can be classified according to:

  • Function: Muscle relaxation, jaw reposition.
  • Therapeutic purposes: with or without modification of the programed condylar position.
  • Coverage: Total or partial.
  • Hardness: rigid, guard, semi-rigid and soft.
Night Guard TMJ Smiles Peru

Smiles Peru TMJ Night Guard

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