Inflamed Gums

Inflamed Gums – an indicator of  underlying Gum Disease

While brushing our teeth, it is not uncommon to notice our gums bleeding, either in one place or in several.  This is a warning sign that our gums are inflamed and need to be treated promptly, since with the passing of time the disease progresses to eventually cause destruction of the bone.

In our mouth, there are other types of diseases, apart from cavities, which can affect us and can often be silent and not cause pain or discomfort.  In fact, they can remain active for a long time without us noticing, causing oral problems that oftentimes people are unaware they suffer from.  These diseases are gum diseases.

encias inflamadas

An example of inflamed gums.

Dental Conditions Causing Inflamed Gums

Gum diseases can be diverse and range from the mildest such as Gingivitis to the most severe and often aggressive such as Periodontitis.  These diseases are characterized by their chronic condition that is aggravated over time and which causes in many cases irreparable damage to bone support for the teeth.  For this reason it is important we treat these conditions in a timely manner.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums as a result mainly of an inadequate technique or insufficient dental hygiene, producing bleeding, swelling and sometimes bad breath – halitosis. In its initial stages it is reversible by removing the dental plaque that has accumulated between the teeth and the gums.  However, if it is not treated in time, gingivitis generates complications that can cause severe pain and lead to disease progression resulting in periodontitis that, if left untreated, would eventually result in the loss of teeth.

Other Factors Causing Inflamed Gums

Other factors that can cause gingivitis or inflamed gums include hormonal cycles, systemic diseases, consumption of certain medications or certain habits such as cigarette smoking.  Combined with the presence of bacterial plaque generate greater complications, so it is necessary to make an adequate diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring from the initial symptoms to maintain proper oral health.

Chronic gum disease is called Periodontitis, which in mitigated using deep cleaning procedures with anesthetics to eradicate bacterial presence. Periodontitis causes destruction and loss of bone, which is irreversible, though the condition can be arrested so that further bone loss is avoided.  Bone loss results in mobility of teeth, the presence of periodontal “bags”, and infectious processes and abscesses, which will cause great discomfort.

Aggressive periodontitis occurs unexpectedly and is usually due to the presence of a very pathogenic bacterial load that causes bone loss in a matter of weeks without major symptoms apart from the presence of a mild bleeding, so its early and correct diagnosis is very important, as well as its adequate treatment in a very short time.

Gum disease can affect a specific tooth, a dental area or the entire mouth.  They are much easier to solve with early diagnosis and treatment. Smiles Peru has the specialists who can help you diagnose and properly treat inflamed gums, as well as teach the patient a correct and personalized technique to maintain good oral health.

February 18, 2020 Blog, Oral Rehabilitation
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