Smiles Peru is a leading full service dentist located in the Miraflores district of Lima, specializing in high precision dental implants, single visit digital CEREC CAD CAM dental crowns and inlaysfull mouth reconstruction, porcelain veneers, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, and smile design. Our interdisciplinary team specializes in complex rehabilitation cases involving multiple specialties.  Smiles Peru’s services are optimized for dental tourism and individuals seeking to make significant improvements to their oral health and appearance in a short period of time.

Smiles Peru featured on US television series, In View with Larry King, dental tourism segment.



Located just a few blocks from the Miraflores Central Park, Lima’s tourist center, our dental clinic was designed to provide the most up-to-date and comfortable care for our patients. Our many satisfied patients come from all over the world seeking the best in worldwide dental care. We offer personalized service, which adjusts to the individual needs and time constraints of the individual patient. Our staff speaks English and is available to assist with planning your trip, or with any questions or issues that may arise after arrival.  Our convenient corporate apartments ensure our patients are housed in a comfortable and relaxing setting during their stay in Lima.

Our objective is to bring together the best in worldwide dental techniques, procedures, and technology to provide the highest level of care possible. Our location in Peru provides the patient the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most exotic and sought-after tourist locations, as well as enjoy Lima’s vibrant gastronomic scene. We take advantage of our low overhead costs and the ability to deal directly with the patient to provide five-star quality dental treatment at three-star prices.

Our clinic is the first and only dental clinic in Peru accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). AAAHC is an accreditation organization based in the United States, recognized as a symbol of quality by third-party payers, medical organizations, liability insurance companies, state and federal agencies and the public.

Smiles Peru believes a visit to the dentist can be an extraordinary experience. We have witnessed how a healthy and radiant smile can change a person’s life, transmitting positive energy into the world and improving the lives of others. We believe not simply in improving aesthetics, but rather in using aesthetic and reconstructive dental treatments to improve quality of life.

During its 12 years of existence Smiles Peru has been an extraordinary dentist alternative for individuals seeking to improve their smile and oral health. Contact us today to see what we can do for your smile.

“Smiles Peru’s services are optimized for individuals seeking to make significant improvements to their oral health and appearance in a short period of time.” -Kirby Warms, Smiles Peru General Manager



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